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OREIA's main purpose is to advocate for legislative change for the benefit of its members.  OREIA employees a Legislative Director, Dan Acton, and a professional lobbying firm, Governmental Policy Group, to actively monitor and engage at the state level.  

Current Legislative Update 2/2024
              Visit the Ohio Legislature website to search any bill's status and full language.

The Senate Select Committee on Housing has completed its hearings with town halls in Cincinnati, Marietta, Lima, Cleveland and Columbus.  Thank you to our members who testified or attended these events.  It is so important we are vocal on these issues.  The committee is compiling its findings and will submit a report in March with legislation to follow in April.  Our team is engaging on the main points of wholesaling, LLC transparency,  and increased housing production.  We will ask for advocacy in April!

HB93- Water Liens Has been assigned to the Local Government Committee.  We hope to see hearings on this soon.  We will need to start up our advocacy again this spring to get this fully passed.  

SB192- Wholesaling There have been no hearings on this bill yet.  Our team is working diligently to remove the licensure language and to substitute appropriate disclosures that will better highlight the roles and processes involved in a wholesale deal.  

Joint Committee on Property Tax Review- The Ohio House and Senate have established this joint committee to solicit information, make recommendations, and offer legislative reforms on state property tax laws.  

HB388- Federal Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule  The state is working on authorizing the Ohio Department of Health to be the administrator and enforcement agency of this rule regarding lead based paint hazards.  Our team is working to make sure there is language included that establishes set limits for penalties and fines.

HB277- Pet Friendly Rental Act  This bill has been pulled with no amendments or substitute offered.  However, it is seems to be a popular issue and will likely return in some form.  

Issue 2- Legal Marijuana  No new language has been agreed upon between the Ohio House and Senate.  The voted on language from November stands as law for now.  

HB93- Was introduced in the Senate and is awaiting assignment to a committee.  Senator Andy Brenner has agreed to shepherd the bill through the Senate process.  We appreciate his support in this matter.  
Click the link HERE to see how your Representative voted on this in the house.  

30 day Notice for Non-Payment: The Federal government has submitted a proposed rule through HUD for HUD run properties and those accepting Housing Choice Vouchers to be required to give a 30 day notice for lease termination for non payment of rent. 
The open comment period ends January 30th.  To see the proposal and submit testimony here.  

SB192-  Requiring Wholesalers to hold a real estate broker's license.  Senators Andrew Brenner and Louis Blessing have sponsored this bill in response to a few individuals acting in unethical ways.  Not just unethical, but down right fraudulent.  This bill would be catastrophic for the wholesaling industry putting large barriers in place for those getting started, hurting sellers with legitimate POA needs, and requiring disclosures that don't actually apply to the transaction at hand.  OREIA is collecting testimony and talking points.  If you have a wholesaling story about how you helped a seller when no one else could, please send to ea4OREIA@gmail.com and we will forward to our Legislative Director.  (This bill is currently assigned to The Senate Government and Oversight Committee) 

The Senate Select Committee on Housing held a town hall in Lima,
Ohio on December 11th.  Stark County REIA member Lila Wohlwend provided testimony in support of HB 93 and on behalf of housing providers.  It has been so important for our members to be seen and heard during these meetings.  We will continue our conversations with the committee members.  

We are excited to announce that HB 93 was passed out of the House and now moves on to the Ohio Senate.  This will also take considerable advocacy, so please keep up the pressure.  Thank you to ALL who helped with emails, phone calls and direct conversations.  Let's get this to the finish line!

Issue 2: Legalize Marijuana Use Both the house and senate have proposed changes to this law debating over the tax rate, revenue distribution, THC limits, home grow, public consumption, advertising, local control, and other issues.  OREIA will continue to make sure property owners retain their right to prohibit the smoking and growing of marijuana on their property.  Please consider language you may need to add to your lease to cover this possibility.  

HB277- Pet Friendly Rental Act was proposed by Representatives Ray and Brent.  This is intended to help low income and elderly residents be able to keep their pets while seeking affordable housing.  The bill offers a $750 annual tax credit (capped at 10 units) to encourage owners to allow pets.  Some concerns were the fact they are asking for no size or breed restrictions (beyond what is already classified as "dangerous" by the state) and the overall large cost to the state (estimated at $225-360 million per year).  There has been no further movement or amendments on this bill.    

HB280- Lead Paint Abatement tax Credits  Intended to eliminate red tape for real estate investors and homeowners by streamlining the process to access tax credits related to lead paint abatement and remediation.

HB 282- Mold Awareness Program  Requires the Director of Commerce to establish a mold information and awareness program to assist the public in understanding the threat of mold in buildings and the importance of the proper removal of that mold.  It asks for a review of best practices every five years to evaluate new health data and technology available.  



One item of note is the lawsuit, filed in February on behalf of the Ohio Department of Commerce against MV Realty and their deceptive practice of entering into a 40 year listing contract with sellers.  Ohio’s Attorney General, Dave Yost and his staff have made this a priority for their office.  The Franklin County Common Pleas Court issued a preliminary injunction against MV Realty of Ohio, its founder, Amanda Zachman, and its principal broker, Diana Remar. The injunction prohibits MV Realty from engaging in the unlicensed practice of real estate, from entering into new exclusive right to list agreements, and from using agreements that are not compliance with Ohio law.

Consumers who have been affected by a contract with MV Realty can file a complaint with the Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing within the Department of Commerce. 

 It is so important our members act in an ethical manner at all times and look for win-win solutions.


Our legislative team is closely monitoring the following bills:

SB 76– Charging $1500 per month PER HOUSE to anyone owning over 50 1-3 family homes in the same county: this bill is being watched closely, especially the registration requirements.  Our partners are working hard to mitigate the impact it will have.  It has received harsh criticism from many groups.  It has had no hearing since March but a lot of press matching it with a new federal level bill from Senator Sherrod Brown.

HB 150– Forcing participation in third party programs: This bill largely targets the housing provider’s freedom to not participate in the Housing Choice Voucher program (Section 8) and to not directly refuse the vouchers.  It is currently in committee.  We are gathering written testimony for this one right now.  Please ask your members if they have had direct experience with housing authorities to contact Deborah at ea4oreia@gmail.com

HB 59– Free lawyers to fight lawful evictions and drag out the process: Still in committee hearings, but OREIA opposes additional tax payer funded lawyers beyond the existing Legal Aid framework.

SB 118– Aimed to increase homeownership: This bill is intended to offer a tax incentive for converting (by selling) a rental property over to an owner occupied.  The language is being reviewed during the hearing process.  It has received three committee hearings.


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