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Self-Directed IRAs Under SERIOUS THREAT From Congress

Take Action NOW to Protect Your Retirement and REI Funding Options

Your Retirement Options & REI Business literally depend on our massive and immediate action.


The US House of Representatives’ Ways and Means Committee has proposed several big changes to the Self-Directed IRA rules. These changes would GUT self-directed retirement accounts (especially IRAs, possibly 401(k)s and Solo 401(k)s).

Republicans have no say in this law; the Democrats can pass it without any of their votes.
And they are moving FAST.

BUT there is plenty of room for hope.
Given how small the Democrats' majority is in the House and the tied Senate, we only have to sway a few of them. Make Some Noise!

Which means we must act NOW.

The proposed laws, if passed, would mean the following (and then some):

1) No more investing in many PPMs, private investments, certain crowdfunding, certain crypto deals, etc. Investments open only to accredited or sophisticated investors (among others) are banned for IRAs, upon pain of death to the IRA.

2) Banning ownership by your IRA of more than 10% in ANYTHING.

3) No more IRA investing in any entity (e.g. even a “handshake JV”) in which you (or certain related persons) are directly or indirectly an officer or director.

4) Roth Conversions Limited.

5) $10M+ Retirement Plans Required to RMD Excess.

~Summarized from

Moratorium Renewed, Rent Relief Still SLOW

Tell Federal Gov to SPEED UP RENT RELIEF

On August 3rd, the CDC signed a new Eviction Moratorium that is in force through October 3rd. 

We're more than halfway through 2021 now, and yet the rental relief funds that Congress appropriated back in December of 2020 are barely trickling out to those who desperately need them - residents and housing providers alike. 

Based on the data cited in the CDC's own written order, less than 10% of the estimated households in need have actually received any rent relief.

That number is simply unacceptable!

That's why we've drafted a letter to send to our Federal Government officials (including the President and VP) to highlight the severity of the issue and to urge them to take immediate action to speed up the process of getting the funds distributed ASAP.

As housing providers, we know that rent relief is the real answer to preventing evictions due to COVID related hardships. Without the success of this relief, an extension of the moratorium is almost inevitable.

Please take just a few moments to click through and send the letter out to your legislators.  CLICK HERE TO TAKE ACTION NOW

All we ask is that you create your own subject line before sending so that we don't all look the same in their inboxes. The letter itself is also editable if you want to add your own words. 



Week in Review COVID-19 Resource Guide
Designed to provide you with an overview of the political events happening around Capitol Square. 
The review is for your benefit and we encourage you to forward it to anyone in your organization who might find its contents interesting.
As these resources are updated we will provide the revised document as necessary while indicating (highlighted in yellow) when the new information was added to the document.
June 04, 2021_Week in Review June 04, 2021_Updated Resources Guide
May 28, 2021_Week in Review May 28, 2021_Updated Resources Guide
May 21, 2021_Week in Review May 21, 2021_Updated Resources Guide
May 14, 2021_Week in Review May 14, 2021_Updated Resources Guide
May 07, 2021_Week in Review May 07, 2021_Updated Resources Guide
April 30, 2021_Week in Review April 30, 2021_Updated Resources Guide
April 23, 2021_Week in Review April 23, 2021_Updated Resources Guide
April 16, 2021_Week in Review April 16, 2021_Updated Resources Guide
April 09, 2021_Week in Review April 09, 2021_Updated Resources Guide


June 4, 2021
Most of Ohio’s COVID-19 health orders are officially rescinded as of 12:01 a.m. Wednesday.
The statewide mask mandate, capacity limits indoors and outdoors and social distancing rules are all ended.

Restrictions remain in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.
Reporting requirements for positive COVID-19 cases are also still in place.

The governor’s state of emergency declaration, which is tied to various forms of assistance, will also continue.
Ohio Department of Health Director Stephanie McCloud said this week that she had not yet talked with Governor DeWine or legal counsel about when the state of emergency might end.

The June 4the COVID-19 Resources document has been amended to reflect these changes.
Going forward, with the decline in COVID-19 cases and less frequent updates to the website, the Resource Guide will be published on a monthly basis.

 Monthly OREIA Legislative Activities Reports
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The Ohio Development Services Agency (DSA) has requested all Ohio businesses complete this Economic Damage Assessment Survey, designed to help determine economic impacts caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
If applying for SBA loans, applicants should have ready complete copies of their most recent federal income tax return and a completed and signed IRS Form 4506T, which authorizes the release of tax information. Additional information to have available would be a schedule of liabilities, personal financial statement, monthly sales figures, a current year-to-date profit-and-loss statement, and a year-end profit-and-loss statement and balance sheet for that tax year if the most recent federal income tax return has not been filed.

The CARES Act - March 27, 2020
$2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill

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