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Real Estate Association Leader's Academy

with... Multiple Experts

Half a Saturday and 5 evenings online learning to make your association bigger, better, more powerful, and more profitable! For owners, officers, and board members of real estate associations (REIAs)

August 8 thru August 14, 2020

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Saturday, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Monday - Friday, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm,

August 8th and 10th-14th
Online (Yeah, we heard you)
OREIA's Annual Leadership Training Academy
How to Come Out of Covid
With a
Bigger, Better, More Powerful,
More Profitable Real Estate Association

              If there's one thing the pandemic has made crystal-clear, it's that Real Estate Investor Associations are ESSENTIAL to the investing world.

              Want proof?

  •    Look at the explosion of self-styled gurus flooding the market with expensive "education" that's incomplete at best and illegal or unethical at worst.
  •    Notice the use that regulators, anti-property rights groups, and the media is making of this crisis to further restrict evictions, late fees, deposits, and other contractual rights. 

    If you think those will just "go away" when the chaos over, you're wrong.

      And it’s all bad for the business we all love.

Then Ask Yourself this Literally Industry-Defining Question:
Who, Other than Real Estate Associations, Is:

  • Providing vetted, LOCAL information to small investors about how to build wealth the RIGHT way?
    Talking about the LOCAL laws and ordinances that affect every strategy, and can get small investors in big trouble if they don't know them?
    Discussing ETHICS and BEST PRACTICES for real estate entrepreneurs?
    Uniting and defending small investors against the onslaught of anti-investor regular?

       No one, that's who.

      Not the ‘education mills’, not the online forums, not  even the established gurus we all know and love.

              As the only ‘uniting force’ for the societally-crucial small real estate investment industry, it’s our MISSION as association leaders or owners to make sure that:

    • We let as many small investors and wannabes as we possibly can know we exist, and all the reasons that they NEED to join and participate
    • We have programming and education that teaches them how to make lots of money, recognize and mitigate risks and pitfalls, and be good ‘corporate citizens’ in their activities
    • We maintain the quality, quantity, and integrity of that education we offer, whether it's online or in-person
    • We teach what the education mills don’t: what the laws are, how to follow them, and how to treat buyers, sellers, lenders, partners, and renters well
    • We grow our memberships to the maximum possible size, both to create more opportunities for members and to unite them to fight the tidal wave of anti-property rights legislation that’s sweeping the country
    • We know how to represent them to lawmakers, the media, and the public as the hard-working, crucial businesspeople they are, so we can push back on bad laws successfully

    This Multi-Day, Online, Leaders-Only Training
    Lets You Come Back From Covid
    (and the Big Ol' Recession We're About to Have)
    With a Stronger Group than You Went in With...

              Whether you’re a board member of non-profit group or the owner of a for-profit, this training will make YOU a better leader, and your association larger, stronger, more profitable, and a bigger voice in your community.

 We’re Bringing Together Leader from All Across the U.S.
Who are the Best of the Best
To Share Their Advice on These Topics:

  • The best ways to recruit and retain new members during Covid and beyond—they’re our lifeblood, and without them, our groups have no reason to exist, but how do we communicate the benefits of membership effectively, and make it irresistible? Learn how some groups are actually GROWING, and how others are staying deeply connected to members without live meetings—and the best ways to reach out to potential members in any environment


  • Transitioning back to live: Do we? How do we?—yes, it’s cheaper and easier to be online, and yes, we’re all still uncertain about when we’ll be allowed to meet live, and whether people will show up when we do. But given the unique selling proposition of a real estate association, is it SMART? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each approach, plus technology that allows a ‘mixed’ approach to live/online meetings


  • How to hold truly engaging online meetings and programs—groups from all over the country are reporting decreased engagement in online meetings as time passes, and part of the reason is that Americans are getting burned out on Zoom and GoToWebinar, because most meetings there are boring, poorly produced, and not well suited to the medium. We’ll talk about the best practices for programming, production, coaching your presenters to be interesting online


  • How to have a truly inclusive association of newbies, experienced investors, flippers and rental housing providers—every group struggles with the question of how to program for new investors (who need to hear about basic skills and strategies, over and over) and also experienced investors (who leave the group because they’ve heard it all before, thus depriving the new investors of their knowledge and resources). We’ll discuss why it’s probably less about the programming than it is about fostering proper interaction between the members, and how to use subgroups to keep them ALL involved and paying dues


  • How to create a positive culture in your group that retains members, creates more opportunities, and wins raving fans. Most of us don’t even realize that our group HAS a culture that’s distinct from other groups, much less that it has a huge impact on recruitment, retention and the growth and prosperity of members. We’ll hear from successful associations how they created an open, helpful, sharing culture on purpose, how it’s adding directly their bottom lines, and how you can do the same.


  • How to engage your members and recruit new ones with social media (without going nuts)—most associations do a bad job of using social media to fill meetings, help members be advocates for the group, or engage the public. The groups that do it right will share what they do, and how they do it without spending all day every day on Facebook


  • How (and why) to get the maximum number of butts in your seats (even if those seats are on the couch at home)—are you too focused on membership, and not focused enough on attendance? Because we know for sure that members who attend fewer than 2 meetings a year will NOT renew, and those who attend most meetings are almost sure to renew. We’ll talk with leaders who have successful marketing ‘funnels’ that they implement for the purpose of filling rooms, and that you can copy, too.


  • How to plan, promote, and manage focus groups that increase your recruitment, retention, and engagements (and how to keep them from getting out of control)—Subgroups, or focus groups, or study groups, or whatever you call them, are a mixed blessing: they can expand your programming and reputation, or become mini-kingdoms of a monomaniacal leader who eventually runs off with your list and starts their own group. The key is good planning and control, which is what our panel of leaders will discuss.


  • How to prepare, and prepare your members, for the coming recession—it’s a sad fact of life that real estate associations shed members in droves just as people should be MORE interested in real estate…when prices are low and deals are ample. Hear from leaders who survived the great recession about what worked then, and how they’re prepping now for the coming downturn.

 Plus, we’ll cover these topics in idea-a-minute sessions and discussion groups:

  • Hottest non-selling topics for the market today
  • Best national speakers online and in real life
  • Creating profitable vendor programs and giving vendors benefits when we’re online
  • How to hire, compensate, and manage the staff who can actually grow your group
  • Managing data online: membership, registrations to online and live meetings, online sales
  • How to raise money for legal, legislative, and charitable efforts
  • The pros and cons of buying a building (and other meeting space options)
  • Best sources of non-dues revenue
  • How to increase your reach, attendance, and profits by cooperating with other groups

       How are we fitting all of this into an online training?

       Easy: we’re spreading it over a Saturday morning and 5 3-hour evening sessions.

And Your (Cheap) Registration Fee
Includes an Exclusive Half-Day Training
With Forbes Columnist/Property Rights Activist
Roger Valdez…

              Roger is the nation’s leading expert on how smart small investors can use data, the media, and guerilla tactics to stop bad property rights legislation in its tracks.

        He was a key figure in modifying Cincinnati’s heinous “renter’s choice” ordinance, which would have required all landlords to offer ‘deposit insurance’ from a single provider to all applicants, into one that has no effect on most Cincinnati REIA members, and he’s coming to show YOU how to effectively interact with lawmakers to communicate our issues, stop laws that hurt housing and communities, and fight back effectively.

      This day alone is so powerful that it’s worth the cost of your entire registration fee…

The World Needs Your Group to Survive and Thrive.
So Spend So Spend One Saturday, 5 Evenings,
and Only $127
(Or even less, if you register early…)
To Get Hundreds of Effective, Real-World Ideas for Growing Your Group… 

              There’s not another no-hype, no-B.S., no sales pitch training like this available for real estate association leaders ANYWHERE, much less at such a crazy-low price.

              In fact, when you register by July 15th, you’ll pay just $77 AND that’ll get you TWO tickets—one for you, and one for your favorite board member, newest board member, implementer, staff person—whoever you’d like to bring.

Yes, We’ll Be Recording It.
Yes, Registered Attendees will Get the Recordings.
Yes, It’s Every Bit as Good as it Sounds.

              If you’re wondering about the agenda, we’ll meet for 4 hours on Saturday morning the 8th to learn how to beat back the tidal wave of anti-investor, anti-property rights sentiments and legislation.

              On Monday through Friday, the sessions with start at 6 p.m. with breakout discussion groups; we’ll reconvene as a big group at 7, with topics until 9.

              As a group leader, you already know how hard it is to deal with last-minute registrations for a multi-day, multi-speaker event like this; we'd rather have you register and then change your mind (you can get a full refund for any reason or no reason, as long as you cancel by August 5th) than not let us know how many people to plan for.

              So register NOW by clicking the link below or calling (614) 804-3948.during normal business hours.

We’ll see you online on August 8th, and 10th-15th!

Your OREIA Success Team



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Early Bird Special Pricing...
Up To 7/15/2020
Members: $76.99 -- Non-Members: $76.99

7/16/2020 to 8/1/2020
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Regular Price
Members: $126.99 -- Non-Members: $126.99

Date:  August 8 thru August 14, 2020
Time:  6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Saturday, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Monday - Friday, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm,

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